Request for Proposal

Binaytara Cancer Trust

Kadam Chowk, JanakpurDham

Email: [email protected]


Date of first publication: 24/12/2021

Name of Project: Field Survey, Soil Investigation, Utility Survey & Design along with Design Review and Detail Project Report Preparation approval of DPR from different Government Agencies for Cancer Hospital Building

  • The Binaytara Cancer Trust (BCT) intends to have consulting services to design, design review, DPR preparation, and its approval from different concerned Government Authorities for hospital building and other structures.
  • The interested and eligible consulting firms for the service mentioned below are requested to purchase the TOR and proposal document from Binaytara Cancer Trust (BCT), Kadam Chowk, Janakpur Dham within 15 days from the first publication date of this notice by paying NRs. 4000/- (Four thousand only) to BCT Bank Account. 
  • The consulting firm will email the receipt of the payment to [email protected]. The BCT will email TOR to the appropriate consulting firm upon confirming the receipt of the payment in BCT’s bank account. The consulting firm shall submit the technical proposal along with all necessary documents to [email protected] through the same email thread to be accepted for review. The proposals will be accepted until 12:00 AM on or before the 16th day of the 1st publication of the notice. The details of the contract and service type for the post is indicated below:
S. No.Contract ID No.Service type
1.BTFCC-MOH-PH-1Local Consultant
  • One week after the 16th day of the 1st publication of this notice, qualified firms shall be sent a request to submit financial proposals. The technically unqualified consulting firms will be notified electronically. 
  • Binaytara Cancer Trust (BCT) holds the right to accept or partially accept or reject whole or part of the proposals submitted by the consulting firms without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The consulting firms are not entitled to claim any compensation for that.
  • The expenditure for the preparation of the proposal shall be done by the interested consulting firm, and compensation regarding that expenditure shall not be provided by Binaytara Cancer Trust (BCT). 

Bank Account Details

Beneficiary Name: Binaytara Cancer Trust

Account No.: 04707617210027

Bank Name: Himalayan Bank Limited

Bank Branch: Bardibash

Necessary Documents

  • Technical Proposal
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Renewal document
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Copy of PAN registration
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