The Binaytara Foundation

The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Foundation (BTFCC), is a cancer hospital located in Janakpurdham, Nepal that provides cancer prevention, early detection, cancer surgery, radiology services, and palliative care services at 25-bed hospital. Jankurdham is a city in Nepal's province 2. The province is the most populous of all 7 provinces in Nepal; however, it didn't have any cancer center until the BTFCC opened its the door its door in the first week of December 2018. As the first and only cancer center in this region, the BTFCC is expected to serve nearly 20,000 patients annually from southeast Nepal as well as nearby Indian state of Bihar.

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Sedro-Wooley Doctor Opens Cancer Center in Nepal 



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Our Doctors

Dr. Rajiv Keshari, MBBS, PhD
Dr. YP Singh, MS

                                                                                    Oncologist                                                                                         Breast Cancer Surgeon

                                                       Medical Oncology                                               General Medicine                                              Department of Nursing       

                                                    Emergency Services                                               Intensive Care Unit                                              X-Ray | Radiology  

                                                  Surgical Oncology                                                           Palliative Care                                               Prevention & Early Detection

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