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Cutting-edge, evidence-based, compassionate cancer care to people of Nepal and Beyond

Our Mission is to provide cutting-edge cancer care to our patients by incorporating research, technology, and compassion into evidence-based preventive, curative, and palliative treatment that improves the quality of life of our patients and their families. We will foster a culture of care where all patients are treated with respect and dignity regardless of who they are.

Chair's Message

Dr-Binay-ShahThe Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) was started with one goal in mind: To provide cutting-edge cancer care to patients in Madhesh, Nepal, and the surrounding states. When we began building the hospital, there was no other cancer care provider in the area. Patients who needed cancer treatment had to travel 8-10 hours to the nearest hospital that could help them. Those who couldn’t make the trip for any reason simply didn’t receive treatment.

Today, the BTFCC operates a 25-bed facility in Janakpurdham, Nepal, serving a population of about 25 million people. Ongoing services include medical oncology, surgical oncology, head and neck cancer surgeries, laboratory, pharmacy, emergency room, radiology, histopathology, intensive care, and anesthesiology. We’re also one of the few hospitals in South Asia to run an entirely paperless facility using electronic medical records. Due to increasing need and higher numbers of patients being diagnosed with cancer, we’re working to expand our hospital, and are building a new, 200-bed building so we can help more patients.

At BTFCC, our focus is on you, the patient. We provide cutting-edge care through research, technology, and compassion. This is implemented as evidence-based preventive, curative, and palliative treatment that improves quality of life for our patients and their families. Our relentless focus on finding the newest and best treatment options for each patient is seen in our practice and our research.

We’re always open to patient feedback and comments as we continue to make BTFCC better and more patient-centric every day. Our promise to you is that we will always work to meet your needs and provide personalized care for your unique situation.


Dr. Binay Shah

President, Binaytara Foundation 

About the BTFCC

The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC), is a 25-bed cancer hospital located in Janakpurdham, Nepal that provides cancer prevention, early detection, cancer treatment, cancer surgery, radiology services, and palliative care services. Janakpurdham is a city in Nepal’s province 2. The province is the most populous of all 7 provinces in Nepal; however, it didn’t have any cancer center until the BTFCC opened its door in the first week of December 2018. As the first and only cancer center in this region, the BTFCC serves cancer patients  from southeast Nepal as well as from nearby Indian state of Bihar.


The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center is staffed by highly qualified physicians, nurses, and other staff who are supported by experts in the USA, India, and Nepal via weekly tumor boards and video-conferencing to help manage patient health issues utilizing the latest evidence. BTFCC features state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, ultrasound, and other machinery to provide high-quality care to our patients.

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Kadam Chowk, Kapileshwar Road, Janakpur, Nepal

Opening Hours

Sunday -Friday

9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Emergency Room 

Open 24-hours

In-patient units  

Open 24-hours



I am alive because of this hospital

I went to many doctors to get treatment for my wound. No doctor thought it was a cancer; I came to the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I got treatment and am alive!

Chimri Devi

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