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What does it take to fight cancer when the nearest cancer hospital is 8-hours away?

Well, for cancer patients in Nepal’s Madhesh Province, fighting cancer meant traveling 8-hours by bus to the nearest cancer hospital where most providers do not speak your language.¬†

For them, it meant leaving your loved ones behind to fight cancer alone, in a place where you cannot speak the local language, and you do not understand the culture, and you do not know what is going on with your health.

The establishment of the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center in December 2018 changed that for many patients in Nepal’s Madhesh province and neighboring states. Now, they are able to access cutting-edge cancer care close to home¬† from care providers who understand their culture and speak their language.


Cancer patients in this region had to travel more than 8-hours by bus to the nearest cancer hospital before we established Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center. Now we provide them cutting-edge care right here in Madhesh Province.

The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center will be expanded to a 200-bed state-of-the-art center for excellence and research by Fall 2025. We have purchased land in Janakpur to start the first phase of the 200-bed hospital development, and plan to start the construction in Summer 2023.

our Approach to cancer care

Each patient's life matters

World class experts

Each cancer patient that is seen at the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center is discussed at our weekly tumor board with experts from the US, India, Nepal, and other parts of the world.

Modern Equipment

The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center features modern clinical laboratory and histopathology laboratory capable of performing hundreds of tests and diagnosing cancer.

High-Quality Care

Our team is committed to providing cutting-edge cancer care to each patient regardless of who they are.

Education and Awareness

Our team does not only focus on providing care to cancer patients. We actively work with our patients and community members to build awareness about cancer and cancer prevention.

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