OT Nurse

Job Responsibilities
  • Ensure preparation of the material and equipment in the OT, receive patients and take them from the preparation room to the OT, making sure they are ready for surgery
  • Assist the surgeon and anaesthetist during the operation, anticipating their needs in order to facilitate their job; monitor the vital parameters of the patient
  • Organise patient transportation from the OT to the recovery room and carry-out and/or supervise all the postoperative activities to prepare the OT for the next scheduled operation or emergency
  • Implement the hygiene, sterilisation, asepsis and disinfection protocols and procedures at all times, before, during and after operations, to ensure the safety conditions of patients and staff
  • Supervise and train the cleaners while in the OT, following BTFCC protocols
  • Control all equipment and material stock used in the OT to ensure efficient and rational use of material resources
  • Contribute to monthly reports according to guidelines (statistical reports, etc.)
  • PCL or BSN/BSc Nursing
  • Two years’ professional experience as an OT Nurse
  • Recent clinical experienceComputer skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Fluency in English
  • Available for a minimum of three years
  • Strong team player
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