Palliative Care

At the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, we provide palliative care for terminally ill/chronically ill patients. Often times palliative care is confused with hospice care due to the fact that they both treat terminally ill patients. Hospice care is predominantly for those with six months or less, and receiving end-of-life care. However, palliative care is available at all stages of a patient’s life. Palliative care is used to ease symptoms of your illness, and improve quality of life. It is also used to subside side-effects and recovery processes from treatment such as chemotherapy.

The Binyatara Foundation, created the first palliative care service center in Madhya Pradesh, India. We are experienced in this line of care and will provide top-tier palliative care. Most patients that walk in the BTFCC doors are late-stage cancer patients, due to the lack of screening and awareness. It is commonplace that a lot of our patients need palliative care services due to the severity of their cancer. No patient should be left to suffer. We believe that this department is one of the most critical that we provide at the BTFCC.