Medical Oncology

The treatment of cancer is a highly complex and multi-disciplinary process where various physician specialists, nurses, and other healthcare providers are involved in diagnosing the cancer, planning appropriate treatment modalities, and providing the necessary treatment, comfort, and other support to the cancer patient and their families.

The Medical Oncology Department at the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center consists of medical oncologists, oncology nurses, medical officers, and other support staff who provide in-patient and outpatient care to cancer patients including: cancer diagnosis, cancer chemotherapy, supportive care, and cancer education. Our cancer hospital in Janakpur, Nepal is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our medical oncology team at the BTFCC is supported by other team members and departments including the department of surgical oncology, department of cancer prevention and palliative care, department of radiology, department of laboratory and diagnostics, department of emergency medicine, department of anesthesiology, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), post-anesthesia care unit, etc.