Janakpurdham, Nepal, April 30, 2022 – The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Subodh Mallik will be joining the center as Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO). Dr. Mallik will work to ensure implementation and adoption of Karexpert, an electronic health record (EHR) program that allows the BTFCC to be one of the few completely paperless hospitals in South Asia.


EHRs provide numerous benefits for patient care, including faster access to patient records, helping to reduce errors and improve safety, improving patient privacy and security, and a more efficient overall process.


“The EHR plays a vital role in any healthcare facility,” says Dr. Mallik. “A robust EHR and its full use is the foundation for comprehensive medical care, continuity of patient care, knowledge sharing, and research. My goal is to bring in a user-friendly and thorough EHR to our facility. It will be mastered by all and fully tested before the hospital moves into its new State of the Art building.”


The new system will be KareXpert, a fully-integrated digital healthcare system. It uses AI, a single data lake, and a managed services platform to improve patient care and allow physicians to assist more patients in less time.


Dr. Mallik is a proven physician leader who has held numerous healthcare leadership positions. He is a board-certified internal medicine physician and practices at a hospital in Fort Stockton, Texas, USA. As CMIO, he will work on engineering workflows and processes that maximize efficiency and lead to the highest quality of clinical care. Dr. Mallik will be supported by Dr. Rubina Suwal and Dr. Rahul Shah who will serve as his clinical associates.


I feel honored to lead the EHR implementation as Chief Medical Information Officer,” says Dr. Mallik. “It will allow me to share my US experience with the BTFCC, and fellow physicians and nurses, in my homeland of Nepal. I have accepted this position to fulfill my passion for full circle medical care, and to give back to my country. My sincere thanks to Binaytara Foundation.”

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