Stories from our Patients

this hospital gave my family hope...

I took my father to another hospital out of town in hopes of good care. But after spending 2-weeks in that hospital, we still did not know what had happened to him. He could not walk, he was very weak and he could not even talk. After I brought him to the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center, I felt hopeful. The doctors and nurses at this hospital took good care of my father. Now, he is feeling much better.

sanjay, son of a patient

saved my daughter's life...

My daughter has three small children. She was taking treatment for cancer in Kathmandu but after Coronavirus started, they sent us home. 

We are very thankful that we found out about this hospital. She was able to continue her treatment here and be with her children the whole time. I don’t know if my daughter would have been alive if this hospital was not here.

Ghurani p.

women's health issues ...

I had this problem for sometime but I did not tell anyone about it because I was hesitant to talk about it with anyone. But after my friend got treatment for her breast cancer at this hospital and she told me about her experience, I finally came to get my problem checked. I was lucky to have this diagnosed before it became serious. I had my treatment and feel great!

Lalita devi

My cancer was found during screening ...

I did not have any symptoms and I was not interested in getting the cervical cancer screening but the nurse at this hospital said it is a good idea so I came. I am glad I agreed to get the screening test because they found early signs of cancer. 

Even thought I am a teacher at the local school, I don’t know much about cancer. The health literacy is very poor here. Thank you for doing these health camps and screening to keep us informed and healthy!

Sapna L

palliative care is a blessing...

I took my wife everywhere for treatment. She was diagnosed late and the doctors in India told us the outcome was poor. I would have done anything to save her but we have no doctors here to find the cancer in time and treat accordingly. We went from doctor to doctor and wasted a few months before anybody could diagnose her cancer. 

It was hard to let go of the hope of saving her but what was even harder was to watch her suffer in pain and discomfort. Your palliative care team was a blessing – they relieved her pain, made her comfortable and she left this world in peace. 

Gokul S.

best care of all.....

I used to work in Dubai and returned from there a few years ago. I had seen big hospital buildings in other places. I never thought I will get cancer but when I did,I wanted to go to a big place because I thought bigger places had better care.

I wasn’t very impressed when I saw this hospital’s building at first. I told my brother to take me somewhere else because I thought this hospital is too small to take care of cancer patients.  I am glad I came here because place that treated me like a human. I received the best care of any other hospitals I have been to.  

Ruplal k.
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