Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) Annual Gala Dinner, the program to meet and honor the BTFCC supporters,  was held on March 17, 2023. The program host was Dr. Rubina Suwal, who was able to set up Head & Neck Onco-surgery department at the BTFCC with support of Donors who joined last year’s Gala Dinner. With that support, Dr. Suwal has been able to perform some of the major surgeries of oral cavities at Janakpur. BTFCC’s Head and Neck onco-surgery department is the first in Madhesh and Dr. Rubina is the first surgeon to perform this level of surgery in Madhesh province, Nepal.

  1. Mr. Sharad Chandra Prasad Shah        NPR 100000        Cheque
  2. Mr. Bindeshwar Shah                              NPR 51000       Cash Deposit
  3. Mr. Gajendra Kumar Thakur                  NPR 25000
  4. Mr. Chandeshwar Shah                           NPR 25000      Cash Deposit
  5. Mr. Pawan Singhaniya                             NPR 25000    Cash Deposit
  6. Dr. Sudip Shrestha                                    NPR 25000
  7. Prof. Dr. Dharma Datta Subedi              NPR 25001
  8. Prof. Dr. Y. P. Singh                                   NPR 15000
  9. Dr. Rohit Prasad Yadav                            NPR 15000
  10. Mrs. Monalisa Shah                                  NPR 10000    Cash Deposit
  11. Mr. Krishna Dixit                                       NPR 10000     Bank Transfer
  12. Mr. Nityananda Jha                                  NPR 10000    Cash Deposit
  13. Mr. Anil K Shah                                          NPR 10000    Cash Deposit
  14. Mr. Om Prakash Shah                              NPR 10000   Cash Deposit
  15. Mr. Ravi Shankar Bichcha                       NPR 10000
  16. Mr. Binod Das                                            NPR 10000
  17. Dr. Randhir Kumar Das                           NPR 5000      Mobile Banking
  18. Dr. Rubina Suwal                                      NPR 5000         Bank Transfer
  19. Dr. Govind Raj Mandal                            NPR 5000         Cash Deposit
  20. Mrs. Richa Mandal                                   NPR 5000          Cash Deposit
  21. Total                                                            NPR 39600

Pledge for year 2023 was to establish Poor Patient Fund that will help those who cannot afford to get surgery, chemotherapy and other services at the BTFCC. Total 20 people pledged at the program, but Poor Patient Fund is open to receive donations from all who want to save more lives. The fund will be directly mobilized by Prof. Dr. Y. P. Singh, the president of Binaytara Cancer Trust. 

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